The home inspection industry is changing. Home inspections have morphed, for the better, into more than what can be described in the past as archaic – the period of time when an inspector used a pencil, a clipboard, a checklist, a measuring tape, level, flashlight, ladder and with a quick checkmark or an ‘X’ on the form, your home either ‘passed’ or it ‘didn’t pass’. Quick, too easy, and not so customer focused. How many reports in the past (and still recently) have I seen  that really can’t tell you about the condition of the home? Many! So what makes it different today? Training,  certifications, a professional attitude, and technology but more than this, there is a big shift away from the old attitude in the industry that ‘you should listen to me’, to being more customer service focused, to creating a knowledge-sharing environment with back and forth communication prior to the inspection, during the inspection and beyond and becoming a complete professional home services industry which provides guidance way beyond just purchasing a home. Wow…sounds quite different!? It is! We’re changing the way home inspections are viewed and performed in general, as many other industries have changed how they provide services. The focus isn’t on ‘what’ we found but how we inform the client. Not every homeowner knows what a ‘GFCI’ is!? Don’t be afraid of purchasing a home. Be afraid of getting the wrong inspection company! (Ps. it’s a ‘Ground Fault Circuit Interruptor’. It means there’s water nearby. haha.)